Hello everyone! Sorry for no posts recently, I’ve been on a roadtrip.

On august 28th, my mother and I set out from Amherst, MA to Long Beach, CA. Before leaving, we had packed all of our stuff into boxes and had cleared out the apartment. The moving van came early the 28th, and once we had finished loading boxes, we ate some food, then hit the road. We drove 12 hours a day for 4 days straight. I took pictures at almost every rest area just so that I could upload them here.

I will be uploading a few pictures every day. Our first stop was in the New England area. I can’t exactly remember where this was, but it was within 300 miles of MA.

Just as a quick comparison, these two pictures are in the NE area

IMG_2688 IMG_2691


This picture is in the middle of Arizona. The change in scenery was one of the most amazing things for me



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