Baiyun Mountain

A few days ago we visited a local park called Baiyun Mountain. We were going there to film one of the characters in the documentary, who loves visiting the place. We drove about a half an hour from the hotel and arrived at the front entrance of the park. We  thought we would be able to drive up to the top of the mountain, but were informed that cars were not allowed on the road. So we drove a little further to the cable cars that would bring us to the top. After paying 20 yuan each, we got our tickets and rode the cable car up the mountain. It was much higher than I expected. We were in the cable car for at least 10 minutes.

At the top of the mountain there is a big park with a McDonald’s (of course). The view was extraordinary, and even though the city was very smoggy, I could still see for a couple of miles.

IMG_2115 IMG_2117 IMG_2122 IMG_2129 IMG_2184 IMG_2188 IMG_2189

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One response to “Baiyun Mountain”

  1. jeanne badgley says:

    Hi Ruben,

    In spite of the smog, your photos give one a good idea of the size of Guangzhou and all the tall buildings.

    I hope you do have some clear smog-free days.