Trip to Yuexiu Park

Yesterday we went to Yuexiu Park, one of Guangzhou’s many parks. After leaving the hotel we drove about 10 minutes through a dense urban neighborhood and then entered a vast, peaceful, green space. Inside the park there was a big beautiful lake filled with pedal boats. Next to the lake were several small pools filled with carp and goldfish. Little kids rented small buckets and nets and tried to catch fish. Once they caught a fish, the park staff put the fish in plastic bags for the kids to take home.

We were there to film two Nigerian women and their children. They planned to spend the afternoon at the park, but it started raining and we had to leave. Before we left I helped with some audio recording. I was recording the sound of rain, which is a lot harder than you would think.

IMG_2575 IMG_2576 IMG_2578 IMG_2579 IMG_2581 IMG_2582 IMG_2584 IMG_2585 IMG_2589 IMG_2590 IMG_2593 IMG_2597 IMG_2599 IMG_2600 IMG_2607

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